Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer trends that are already annoying me


My favorite outfit in gradeschool was a blue and white striped romper -- until one recess when a helpful classmate informed me that I "looked like a baby." If I had to stop wearing these onesies in the fifth grade, why are they now being marketed in the same bucket as dresses to grown women??


Although I've barely been out of the Midwest, I hear Americans are mocked all over the world for wearing these unflattering atrocities. People, there are enough reasons to hate us without throwing our sausage legs into the mix. (OK for the model above, maybe. For normal people, not.)

Little White Dress

Rationalizing with the bajillion weddings I'm going to this summer, I decided I need a new dress. But these ADORABLE cocktail dresses are turning my favorite pastime into torture. Do retailers WANT me to look like a crazy lady competing with the bride? I guarantee my drinking and dancing will draw enough questionable attention. I don't need help looking ridiculous.

Photos: Jumpsuit and shorts - EXPRESS; little white dress - AKIRA Chicago


Anonymous said...

lol at the onesies. You are so right! Ha Ha I hate those things! And um yeah, shorts are not for everyone. Sadly the ones who don't need to wear them are the ones that constantly leave the house looking like a hot mess. Next time I'm in Wal-Mart I'm going to take random pics of people to prove this! ha ha

Amy said...

LOL - you should post your photos:

Stella said...

The onesies doesn't even look good on the model. It looks like something from the 70s that she whipped up on her sewing machine.
Shorts and the new n' funky outfit de jour here in Oz too. Especially going out at night, young girls often have tight, very short shorts and heels. Some of them can get away with it, others have never asked:
"Does my bum/legs/thighs look big in this?"
Stella x
PS I hope Jess does go and take photos of people in Walmart in shorts!

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