Thursday, July 30, 2009

10 places to avoid in Chicago (if you weren’t already…)

Well, it’s official: On the lackluster “After the Final Rose” episode, our latest Bachelorette told Chris Harrison she will soon be invading my fair city. Luckily, in “10 things you don't know about Ed Swiderski of 'The Bachelorette,'” the Chicago Tribune has revealed some of her fiance's favorite places – so if you’re afraid, like I am, that you might be rendered deaf and/or blind by running into Jillian’s incessant squealing and/or Ed’s shorty-shorts, I suggest you avoid the following:
  1. Sushi Samba
  2. Blue Frog
  3. Air and Water Show
  4. Green Door
  5. Innjoy
  6. Cubs games
  7. Lake Shore Drive
  8. Michigan Avenue
  9. Lincoln Park
  10. River North


Zip said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I can't avoid Cubs games though, sorry. I'll "accidentally" spill my beer on them. Have I told you lately how much I love Reid?

Zip said...

Oh and I work in Lincoln Park... wish I could avoid that one though.

Amy said...

I guess I can't avoid Cubs games either... I wonder if Ed sits in the bleachers :-/

I heart Reid too - why was Chris Harrison being so mean to him??

kirstyb said...

hmmm ill bear that in mind if im ever that way! lol xoxox

Anna said...

Blue Frog? Really? He can have bad karaoke... Amy remember being forced to go there? Horrid.

High-heel gal said...

haha, I knew she would pick him (not that I was a religious watcher of the show or anything...). Good thing I don't live in Chicago though...I'd hate to be running along Lake Shore Drive and be blinded by Ed's short-ass-shorts farmer tan.

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