Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No-Spin Zone

Dear Right Wing Nutjobs,

Please remove the following from your vocabulary when pushing your agenda, defending yourself or whining:

These words were created to combat real problems, and your manipulation of them makes me sad.


Someone who values denotation and historical context


Abby said...

At least it will all be over in 2 days. Are you going to Millenium Park for the party Tuesday night when Obama wins? I'm still trying to figure out my election night plans.

Amy said...

No-- I have a work dinner to go to :( Then I'll be on a flight to Canada if Obama loses.

Abby said... should probably book early just in case. Something tells me those flights will fill up fast.

bobbyboy said...

Yeah, and let's not forget equality either.

Thank God it's over and the right team won (Although some one say the left team) :)


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