Sunday, March 20, 2011


Remember when girls used to rub in celebrate their engagements by shaking their limp-wristed, newly bejeweled hands in your face? Well despite the fact that I'm of a certain age, I actually haven't seen that in a while. What I have seen is its online equivalent on Facebook.

Feeling particularly stalker-y this morning, I clicked on a friend of a friend's profile whose engagement announcement showed up in my newsfeed. Then did a doubletake. The picture she had uploaded of her ring was actually her PROFILE PICTURE. An entire life -- reduced to half a finger and a politically incorrect piece of jewelry.Now, I know, er, assume it's very exciting to get engaged ... but I think the urge to shout from the rooftops should be checked. E-mailing a picture of your ring to people who ask is totally acceptable; posting a picture to Facebook is slightly obnoxious; changing your profile picture... completely ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!

Stephanie Faris said...

I didn't do that when I got engaged, I promise! I don't think I would have the first time I got married, if FB had been around back then.

Zip said...

Agreed. Although does that mean I should take my wedding photo down soon? It's the only photo where I don't look like a blimp :).

Josie said...

It is rather icky. . . wonder what the man's equivalent is. . .and come to that, why don't men wear engagement rings?

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