Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Over Don Draper

What is it about Don Draper that turns intelligent, professional women into pathetic idiots? I for one have had enough of him and his furrowed brows.

I had high hopes for Faye, which were injured when she started dating him, and destroyed by last Sunday's episode when she compromised her career and integrity in a desperate attempt to hook a man who couldn't even be bothered to shower between diddling his toothy secretary and snuggling with her.

I understand the bad boy appeal - to silly girls who don't know any better - but Faye... I thought better of her. Especially after she went off on Don for basically asking her to snoop on her clients. But then she went crawling back, which makes it even more pitiful.

Mad Men has literally started making me sick - I get a queasy feeling every time a new female character is introduced. But like one of Don's doe-eyed admirers, I just keep coming back for more... hoping for an episode in which Don is more worried about venereal disease than losing accounts, or a season in which Peggy becomes the main character.

Photo courtesy of amctv.com.


Anonymous said...

I've never watched this show before...it sounds like I might like it though even though the sad women on their are a little pathetic ha ha

Zip said...

Amen sister! I used to have a huge crush on Mr. Draper, but now he's just a grody letch. And Faye is so vanilla every time she comes on the screen I have to say "who is that again?" At least the toothy secretary is distinct.

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