Tuesday, August 31, 2010

High School Pad

It's official: The Bachelor Pad is high school for "adults." Amidst the cliques, gossip and backstabbing, last night contestants had to vote on labels for each other, senior yearbook style.

Poor Gwen was voted dumbest, although it's possible the woman doesn't even know how old she is. Elizabeth got most shallow, to which she responded that she doesn't "even know what shallow really means," and worst boob job, which is hilarious... unless you happen to be Elizabeth. And Natalie was predicted to always be a bridesmaid, never the bride - even by her secret boyfriend... ouch. (He also called her dumb, but she seemed to think that was funny.)

I still remember what I "won" senior year - Biggest Ego - complete with a cartoon of me admiring myself in the mirror. Although I had pranced around school in a crown and sash that said "Dancing Queen" on my 17th birthday, I was shocked and hurt that my classmates thought I was self centered... Good thing my high school days were numbered and then I never had to see them in the rear view of my compact again.

Unlike high schoolers, however, the Bachelor Pad residents at least pretended to feel bad about having to insult each other. And some of the boys really impressed me with their awareness of how insecurities can eat away at the female gender - especially the kind of females that go on the Bachelor... So shame on you, ABC, for stooping to a new low; but good for you, Kiptyn and Kovacs, for pleasantly surprising viewers, despite your questionable taste in women.

Photo courtesy of ABC website.


Zip said...

You need to post that cartoon of yourself immediately.

Amy said...

I think I burned it.

Caroline said...

I still probably have the cartoon of me as the most likely to end up in a centerfold at mom's house... Or most obnoxious.... Ahhh the memories.... I think the saddest moment on Bachelor Pad was when Payton got kicked off and was talking in the limo about how good she felt about getting in with the "cool kids" and how getting kicked off made her realize she was never really a part of their clique or something like that. How pathetic!!! And the "cool" kids were even more obnoxious than anybody I remember from high school. I can't believe these people are real...

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