Monday, August 17, 2009

Double your fun, or halve it

Apparently I need not apologize for the frat-tastic double TV situation I was talked into... a similar set-up was actually stylish enough to gain a win for team Tori, Dan and Antonio on last night's Design Star!

If this turns out to be the beginning of a new trend in heterohabitation, I'd like to document that the first romantic night of Real Housewives alongside muted sports occurred in my living room:

Class, class, class.

(First photo courtesy of


The Singlutionary said...


Stephanie Faris said...

Hey, it beats watching TV in separate rooms as I did when I was married. We're divorced now...

My boyfriend and I find common ground, but I miss being able to watch Big Brother. I can sometimes squeeze in shows I like while he's napping or other things but I knew no way could I squeeze in three hours a week for Big Brother, so I just kicked the habit. It's an okay compromise, considering we have a stronger relationship than my marriage. Still, he doesn't watch sports or anything too manly and we like a lot of the same shows, so it works out.

Zip said...

I didn't want to pull her wig off, just shift it a bit.

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