Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What that obligatory office e-mail closing really means

Being overly analytical (in only the most unproductive ways) and extremely paranoid, I’ve developed a dangerous habit of dissecting office e-mails. In my opinion, the “complimentary close” is the most fascinating part — most indicative of personality and emotion. Case in point: the loaded “Thanks.”

Thanks. = I hope this answer to your stupid question prevents you from contacting me again, as I am very busy and important.

Thank you. = I hope you’re as impressed with my professionalism and multi-syllabic writing skills as I am.

Thanks! = I hope you like my message, and I hope you like me!

THANKS! = I REALLY hope you like my message, and I hope you like ME as much as I like SUGAR!!!

Thanks, = Thanks … or you’re welcome.


Abby said...

Ouch! I use the "Thanks!" frequently as my sign off. I guess I'm in desperate need of others' approval.

Amy said...

Eh, I do too... but I'm well aware I'm in desperate need of others' approval. Sometimes I use Thanks :) That means I'm crying on the inside.

The Singlutionary said...

Can you please translate:

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

I must be really desperate!


ZIP said...

I'm in the Thanks! boat as well. Though I have been known to use the Thanks. response. Now that I know what it means I'll use it more often.


anna said...

I'm behind on reading your blog!! You've been busy :)

I recently read in the American Way that "Best" is viewed as the biggest snub in closing emails and they suggested using "All my best" instead. Who says that?! I use "Best Regards" alot, I have a feeling I'm viewed as snubbing

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