Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bachelor: Creepiness Calling

Tonight’s Bachelor made me even more uncomfortable than usual. For some reason, Amanda was really worried that Matt wouldn’t invite her to forgo her individual room to join him in the fantasy suite. Not sure why… I know Bachelors have to say they’re looking for love or the one or whatever, but obviously they’re in it more for the ride than the destination… starting with the getting to know you hot tub parties and ending with the fantasy suite dates. Brad kept it real by not even choosing a winner in the finale. Thank you, Brad, for not insulting us with the proposal charade.

Anyway, back to Amanda: I don’t know if she thought Matt might be afraid her meeps would keep him up all night or what, but she kept agonizing over whether or not she’d get an invite to shack up, and I started to wonder what she was really referring to in her cutaways:

  • “I feel like it’s make it or break it time, and I really want to make it.”
  • “I was really afraid that he wasn’t going to give it to me.”
  • “I was so glad that he pulled it out and offered it.”

Meep! Make it stop!

P.S. WTF was with the seductive slow-mo of Chelsea wiggling into a black negligee and TAKING OFF HER UNDERWEAR?? Ew! I expected more from you, ABC! You are not a cable channel, and Matt is not an ungracefully aging rockstar!

Oh… Amanda just got eliminated… now I’m feeling bad. Well I think it’s for the best anyway. Amanda seems like a sweet girl, and Matt’s way too smooth—calls all of his dates “honey”—the old pet name trick couldn’t be a more obvious sign that he’s all too schooled in dating more than one woman at a time.


Katie said...

Here is some advise, stop watching the show!! You know I was all about putting off studying to watch the bachelor every Monday night, but we have now reached the point where 90% of the women are younger than us, I think that is a sign.

Amy said...

Does that mean I can't watch Gossip Girl either?? :(

Abby said...

I hope got me hooked on Gossip Girl and now I can't stop (although I missed the first 10 minutes this week and totally don't understand what this Georgina girl has on Serena).

Katie said...

I wish I would have started watching gossip girls, reminds me of the good old days with the O.C.

Amy said...

Never too late to start watching trashy TV-- plotlines aren't too complicated ;)

Maybe I missed the beginning of Gossip Girl too, but I don't think you're supposed to know what Georgina has on Serena... prob. has something to do with her being a ho bag back in the day.

Caroline said...

I can't believe you watch Gossip Girl! I was too embarrassed to admit that I watched it for a while when it first started. You're always too cool for the CW/WB trash that those of us without cable are forced to watch. Now I feel like I should get back into it....

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