Friday, February 1, 2008

Please vote ... on tipping eitquette

I forgot to tip my Peapod delivery guy yesterday, and it's haunting me. Their Web site says tipping is optional, but the man carried $160 worth of groceries to my doorstep, in 2-degree weather. And he was extrememly friendly, and didn't say anything about me being in flannel Christmas pajamas.

Okay I didn't really forget. I felt stupid because I never know how much to tip, like it's better to tip nothing than tip too little. This is especially disturbing because I was a waitress for five years. Please help remedy my ignorance by participating in the poll to the left.

The results are in! Fifteen people voted (very excited that 15 people read my blog, or that one person felt so passionate about tipping that they voted 15 times!), and the majority think $5 is a sufficient tip. Here's the breakdown:
  • Nada: 0 votes
  • $5: 10 votes
  • 15%: 2 votes
  • 20%: 3 votes


Anonymous said...

After all the tipping lectures I've heard you dispense over the years, I'm shocked you admitted to this! When in doubt, overtip! (But maybe not to the point of giving a cabbie $20 for a $12 ride, like I did on New Year's Eve...)

Amy said...

I know I'm so ashamed!!! But 20%? That would have been $32... there goes the money I save by not having a car... I too overtip cabbies who are usually rude and don't know where they're going. I hope the same Peapod dude comes back so I can overtip to make up for my bad behavior :(

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