Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The scratch 'n roll snore stopping marriage saver

Instead of counting sheep last night while my husband snored away, I counted the ways I've failed at trying to get him to stop.
  1. Plugging his nose
    He woke up angrily and thought I was trying to kill him.
  2. Shoving him and yelling, "Stop snoring!"
    He woke up angrily and thought I was abusing him.
  3. Cooing softly, "You're snoring. Can you please turn over on your side?"
    He woke up with a huff and claimed he hadn't even been asleep. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?)
  4. Tossing and turning violently in an angry attempt to wake him up "accidentally"
    He continued to sleep/snore obliviously.
  5. Wearing ear plugs
    He continued to snore, and I continued to hear it, although with the added irritation of uncomfortable pieces of foam in my ears.
  6. Suggesting he participate in a sleep study
Then I remembered Ross' hug 'n roll, and I decided to put a spin on it and give it a try. Under the guise of scratching my husband's back, I rolled him on his side, and he... sighed appreciatively! He stopped snoring, stayed sleeping, and I joined him... a few hours later. I guess I can't blame him for all my problems. 

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