Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A facial for your vulva!

A promotion I received today from a hair removal salon entertained and disturbed me so much that I've mustered the energy to end a rather long blogging dry spell.

Tucked away about halfway down an email titled "What's New in August," I found this:

Where to begin!? First of all, WHY would they use "What's New in August" as the email title (and subject line)? I would imagine something like "Does your vulva need a facial?" would have improved the open rate. Second, I'd just like to draw attention to what they've named the service: "Jewel Box" - as if "vagifacial" isn't descriptive and creepy enough.

But they are doing something right ... in terms of marketing (very wrong, of course, in terms of helping women, as those objectives are almost always at odds). Per Advertising 101, the text informs the consumer of a problem she probably didn't even know she had, and offers up a solution. And in doing so it taps into tried and true insecurities, but also creates new and innovative reasons for women to hate their bodies - and spend their money.


Josie said...

Gracious- if they'd used "Does your vulva need a facial" i defnitely wouldn't have opened the email, I almost didn't open your post! Wonder if anyone is actually worried about uneven skin pigmentation in he vulva area? Really? They can't be serious! Do you at least get waxed for the $75?
Josie x

Amy said...

Good point... that subject line probably would have triggered some spam filters... Anyone who is worried about skin pigmentation where the sun don't shine has bigger issues they should be dealing with, IMO.

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