Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Facebook working on public-service redesign?

According to a recent Mashable post, Facebook is testing "yet another" redesign, part of which is a downgrade of the status update box, where users can enthusiastically misspell breaking personal news like what they're microwaving for dinner.
"The screenshots clearly depict a user homepage where the Facebook Publisher, the status update box that currently resides at the top of your home page, is surprisingly absent. It’s where you can share text, photos, videos, URLs and the like on Facebook. But in a rather strange move, it appears as if the Publisher has been minimized and pushed to the side of a page, as a less intrusive button."
Screenie (Courtesy of Mashable via the Next Web):

In addition to being minimized, Facebook Publisher also appears to be morphed into a simple "update status" button, rather than the call-to-action teaser on the current homepage:

I wonder if Facebook is making an effort to discourage the plethora of inane posts such as "Owww! My nose hurtssssssss!" (featured above... inside joke, i hope?).

If so, I think Yammer should follow suit and stop sending me automated e-mails like this one:

Ideas for posting?? Stop encouraging the madness, Yammer!!!

And as for Twitter, I hope it follows suit and .... disappears.


Stephanie Faris said...

What is Yammer? How many of these sites ARE there?

Kathryn said...

Really? You don't like Twitter? I sorta do. Something about the quickness of it all....FB keeps freezing up on laptop. I don't think they get along. Thanks for the comment and the flw!

Amy said...

Eh, I'm sure I'll love Twitter once I cave =)

Yammer's kind of like Twitter for work... like a conference IM I guess, but it can get real obnoxious.

Christina Lee said...

I love facebook more than twitter--I am on FB more. Twiter kinda annoys me!

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