Monday, February 2, 2009

Tagged! 8 Random Things

Becoming Jane tagged me to share eight random things about myself (thankfully easier to come up with than the 25 that are floating around Facebook :)

  1. I’m OBSESSED with Dial bar soap.
  2. My elbows hyperextend.
  3. I don’t like animals.
  4. I complain for fun, not to solicit solutions.
  5. When I see the acronym “ASAP” in a work e-mail, I tend to wait longer than necessary to respond.
  6. I think my sense of direction, or lack thereof, should be considered a disability.
  7. I used to work for a wastewater management magazine. Eek.
  8. I’m precariously content with life at the moment.

Passing the tag...

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