Monday, December 1, 2008

Chuck’s sparkly blazer steals Nastia’s scene

Ah… tonight’s Gossip Girl… I’ve been looking forward to it for so many reasons:

  • Last week the elation I felt upon claiming a television in my building’s gym and turning it to the CW was quickly destroyed when I realized, mid-stride, that One Tree Hill, possibly the worst show in the history of teen-turned-weird-fast-forward drama, had robbed the 7 p.m. CST time slot.
  • The Snowflake Ball! A combination of my two favorite themes—prom and Christmas!
  • And last but not least, a guest appearance by the fantabulous Nastia Liukin!

Sadly, I was let down for many more reasons:

  • Apparently Nastia didn’t learn anything from Kerri Strug’s disastrous appearance on 90210. Minus the helium voice, Nastia’s performance was a lot like Kerri’s—random and brief. I believe her two lonely lines consisted of: “Are you Chuck Bass?” and “Oh…” Also, she looked funny with her long hair and dress. I prefer the sassy pony and hot pink leotard.
  • Dan may have crossed over to my list of characters I can’t stand (Jenny and Serena). He and Serena are SO RIDICULOUS. Either get back together or stop with the sappy, uncomfortable conversations! Tonight they talked about how special their first time was. Ick!
  • Have I mentioned that I can’t stand Jenny Humphrey?? Her hair, her brooding, her eyeliner… Can’t. Take it. Any. More.
  • Serena’s voice has not gotten any less annoying (ooh, I did like when her new boyfriend’s ex was making fun of her though).
  • Vanessa’s “humiliating” moment was not even that bad—Serena should have been more embarrassed by her Thanksgiving outfit.

And finally, didn’t the ads for tonight’s episode imply there was going to be some sort of disaster? “If you only had one night to live, who would you spend it with?” Huh? Who had one night to live? Did I miss something? Don’t get me wrong, I hate disaster episodes (such obvious filler when writers are out of ideas), but I don’t appreciate being mislead.

There was an accident at the VERY END, but I think it involved the old dude. It’s like when everyone was saying one of the Desperate Housewives cast members was going to die a couple of seasons ago, and it ended up being the annoying old lady. No one cares about the parents. What a scam. And I don’t even think they showed a preview of next week.


Caroline said...

I LOVE that you expected Nastia to show up at a ball in a leotard ;)
You make me wish I'd stuck with the show....

Amy said...

WELL she could have at least worn a sassy hot pink dress or made out with Chuck or done the splits or SOMETHING.

Start watching again! You're missing out on Blair and Chuck's sick love affair. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

there was a preview. but yeah, this episode was seriously anti-climatic. and jenny needs to just die.

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