Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pigeons & Role Models

When my sister told me she'd bought a book for my niece that I had to read to her, I thought it was just going to be about some fabulous aunt who saves the world with her super shopping powers or something, but The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! by Mo Willems surpassed all expectations. It stars a sassy pigeon who doesn't appreciate being told to smile by a bus driver. "Why should I?" Pigeon asks, "Do I get on your bus and tell you how to drive?!"

Excessive punctuation and a killer 'tude: I like this Pigeon character! What a great role model for my niece! I have a feeling she doesn't like randos telling her to smile any more than I do. Unfortunately, Pigeon does end up getting outsmarted (sorry to ruin the ending, but the cardboard book is only 10 pages long...)-- now if only I could figure out how to outsmart my niece when I want her to smile for a picture and she's looking at me like she is so over the paparazzi. Fourteen months of being a girl and she's already rebelling against smiling on demand. Maybe she should be my role model.


Abby said...

OMG. I'm studying and listening to Pandora, and I just heard a song by the Killers called "Smile like you mean it". It made me think of you.

Amy said...

Holy F. I'm "working" and listening to Pandora, and I just went to pause it to switch to iTunes to look up the Killers song, and PANDORA IS PLAYING THE SAME SONG (Lily Allen station?). We are soulmates.

Abby said..., Coldplay station. We are definitely soulmates though (I didn't need an online radio station to tell me that).

Dr. Bob said...

I heard "Smile Like You Mean It" at the Come Back tonight. Whoa. However, it was put in by a complete tool.

Sorry, just wanted to be in the soulmates club... :)

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