Saturday, May 24, 2008

WTF? Part 3

I have a new "drink" to add to the list of dumb crap guys send over at bars: Shirley Temples! Last night I was sitting at a table with two friends, and the waitress brought over three drinks and said they were "on the guy at the end of the bar." We asked what they were, and she just said we would like them... but they were tall, pink and fizzy, and topped with cherries... my friend asked her if they were Shirley Temples, and promptly sent them back after the waitress uncomfortably answered in the affirmative.

So... is that an insult? Was he saying we look too young to be in a bar? I do look like I'm 16... Or did he think it would be funny if we thought the kiddie cocktails contained alcohol? Or was it an idiotic attempt to hit on us? WTF?


Abby said...

I thought you might appreciate this story. At 10am this morning I got a call asking "Where'd you go this morning? I thought we had fun last night?" (Sadly, I did laundry and read a book last night so this guy was defnitely off the mark.) When I asked who it was, the caller's reply was "Nate, we hooked up last night. (uncomfortable pause) Who is this?" When I replied with my name, he sounded mortified and said he must have dialed incorrectly.

Or, the more likely version, this poor guy got fake numbered by a girl who hooked up with him, and then she woke up to realize that she made a mistake and bolted. So, the next time you feel like you feel a guy is insulting you, think of this poor dude who was made a total ass of by a woman...just the way things should be.

Amy said...

Oh... poor Nate :( Horrifying. This is why text messaging was invented.

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